My trip to Sahara

On the 28th November 2013 I got on the train and went from Odense to Frankfurt where actually my trip has started. Because it was a night train I expected I will sleep but I was sitting next to Polish woman that is living in India right now so it was really interesting to talk to her. That´s why I´ve decided not to sleep but to talk and to have nice time talking to her about life connected with traveling. 

Next morning, in Frankfurt I was really tired because I didn´t sleep at all the previous night in the train. But anyway I met with 1 local girl that I found on Couchsurfing before and she showed me the city. I really had very nice time with her, she has already visited over 30 foreign countries so she was pretty interesting for me to talk. Unfortunately the weather wasn´t really nice but we tried to enjoy our time together anyway.

Then she accompanied me back to the train station where I was supposed to wait approximately until 2 am and then czech guys were supposed to pick me up by car and to take me to the airport. But they closed the train station, it was raining, cold and I was just standing outside for more than 5 hours with annoying black guys that didn´t really want to get they should leave me alone and to go away. My czech group had quite big delayed so I was waiting until 4 am until they arrived.  But it wasn´t everything what happened until our coming to Morocco. Because Albert (our guide) wrote the address of the airport by wrong way we went completely wrong direction. After 1 hour we realized we are maybe somewhere else than we wanted because nowhere were signs with the airport. Then we found out we are over 150 km from the airport and, need to change the direction, we were 6 people in quite small car and we only had 1 hour until our plane was supposed to departure. We drived over 180 km/h and due to very skillful driver we managed to be there exactly on the time and we catched the plane. After my 2 nonstop nights the holiday in Morocco could finally start!!! :)

The first day we spent in Marakkesch. It was the day 30 November and I guess this they I will never forget. Actually it was the first day in my life when I realized how much is different another continent of the world. I could see I am not in Europe anymore. It was the day when I realized how lucky I am. It was maybe nice to see how arabic and berber people can enjoy their life but it was also sad to see and to realize what are the conditions for them to live in Africa. And I believe, Morocco, the north of Africa is not the worst. 

In the picture bellow is showed how in Marakkesch is woring their industry. Unfortunately it´s not possible to take picture of the discusting smell. 

After walking in Marakkesch and seeing their markets we got on the bus and we continued in our trip - to Sahara, the biggest desert in the world. The trip was over 1500 km to get there but we went during night with full bus of arabic and berber and muslim people but it was quite find if I don´t consider one member of our group wasn´t really lucky because during the time when we were sleeping someone stole all of her money but how she said - the most important (passport and  a camera) they left. 

It was my thirds very hard night (first one in a train, second one in a plane and the third one in a bus). I realized traveling is not really easy but I love it anyway :) 

In the morning when we arrived we met some local people and we were invited to have a berber tea with them. Basically we had this tea all the time so then we just used to have it but this first time was something special especially for me. I was really excited how it´s possible completely strange people invite you to their place to have a tea. 

After some time and hard discussion we have decided to have cammels from a village in Merzouga even if we wanted to go several more km to the desert where Albert´s friend is with his cammels as well. Then we could choose our cammels and of course the one that I chose it was the worst one. It started to "dance and jump" with me and wanted me to fall down. But I was strong and I was holding all the time. I manage to stay on him! :) But fortunatelly for the next 2 days I´ve got a better one. When we arrived to the oasis we were so excited from everything. We were just playing like small children. Running and jumping on dunes. Enjoying beautiful sunset in the middle of a desert. Actually desert is a perfect place to think what is the life about.

You realize you are happy in this life and you start to be grateful for everything that you really have in your life. Or at least I did. Then we just sit in a restaurant of our oasis, had something good to eat and talked to berber local people. 

Then I´ve started to learn with one berber guy their language, it was really fun :)) 

Then there was just their berber music and party with a fire. I´ve even join them to jump over the fire. Maybe a bit dangerous but I enjoyed. 

 After 3 nights of sitting in some of means of transport I could finally sleep in sand and to LIE DOWN. That was one of the most wonderful feelings that time. Even if during night was unexpectly too cold (around - 6 °C) I enjoyed this night anyway. Next day we went for a trip on cammels to see border with Algeria, the biggest dune of Sahara and to visit local restaurant where we had the option to taste local pizza. 

On the way back we wanted to manage to see sunset from the top of dunes again but unfortunately we didn´t manage to be back on the time but anyway the trip on cammels was very nice. 


During the next day we went on cammels back to Merzouga, we spent there the rest of the day and in the evening we got on the bus again and continued over all night the direction to Atlas where our plan was to sleep in a cave and to discover beautiful part of mountains. But because I was sick we had to change our plan with caves a bit and we decided to sleep in a hotel. 


We stayed in this hotel for 2 nights - finally we could have HOT water, shower and to sleep on real beds! The first day in mountains we were just relaxing and walking a bit, but no long trip. After few mins by walking we arrived to wonderful waterfalls. 

There we spent over few hours because we didn´t need to hurry anywhere and this nature was even more than amazing. On the way back we met local wild animals: monkeys!!! :) We decided to feed them and they started to be our friends after several seconds. 

After very long and relaxing day we went to sleep. But next morning we had to wake up quite early to manage everything we wanted. We went for a trip - hiking. We needed to cross few hills, private areas, rivers, but it was fun as always. 

We even needed to try this cold water,because in some places there were no other possibilies than just get wet.